Upcoming Litters...

We take a limited number of deposits per litter for male and female puppies.  In the event that more pups are available, a waiting list has been established.     There are OFTEN changes made on the reserve list,  so it is well worth the chance to be placed on the waiting list if you would like a puppy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a puppy, or being added to our waiting list for our spring litters for 2019. 

 All puppies are $950.00 

***Puppies are reserved by order of deposits received, after breeder pick.

***As breeders, we must refresh our breeding stock from time to time,therefore we reserve the right to keep a puppy from any litter toward that end.

*we do not offer stud service

Roux and Junior

Pups are here!!

We are excited to announce our first litter with Daybreak Roux  D'Begga!   Roux is the first pup we have kept from our wonderful dog, Lettie, and she has been a perfect addition to our famly.  From her elegant lines and  lovely coat, to her loving temperament and friendly personality, this dog embodies what we try to produce at Daybreak.  She has also demonstrated a keen nose.  

Roux will be paired with Junior,  our beautiful tri male, in a last minute change.    Junior was the first pup born at Daybreak, and is  the son of Judy and  Flint. He has the same loving temperament as his parents, and has great natural instinct.

We have seen some beautiful puppies born to Junior in the past, and are looking forward to what he will produce with Roux.  We expect a variety of colors from this pair. This breeding will represtent some of our very best dogs. Lettie, Judy, Stonewall, and Flint!

*litter is reserved until puppies arrive. 

Lettie and Rhett

Pups due late April

Our first litter with wonderful Ramblin Rhett!  And who better to pair him with than Lovely Lettie.

Rhett is a wonderful tricolor male from Judy and Stonewall.  We are so happy to have these great genetics to pool with Lettie.  Both dogs have wonderful, gentle, temperaments, and are very quiet dogs.  If Rhett is barking, we can be sure there is something outside that needs our attention. Lettie is the same way.  Lettie has a fine tuned "people sense", and has had several pups go on to become therapy  dogs.  I have even considered training Lettie for search and rescue, because of her intense nose. 

This is going to be a great litter!

*litter reserved until pups arrive

Laurel and Burl

Puppies expected September

Daybreak Mountain Laurel, one of the happiest dogs I have ever known!  

Laurel is such a funny, happy dog!  Never misses anything, always full of energy. I want to be aggrevated, but she just makes me laugh. She reminds me of a precocious toddler, with a messy face and big grin!  She also has a great nose, and was pointing chickens in our yard while in labor!  Laurel loves to be with people, and will always tap me with her nose, just to let me know she is there :)

She loves to be close to her people, and is happiest curled up as close as she can be to us!

Laurel will be paired with Burl for a repeat breeding. This pair had a gorgeous litter last year, and we are hoping to repeat some of the colors and qualities we saw the first time aroung. 
Burl is a sweetheart of  a dog, with outstanding hunting instinct, and a very loving personality. Both dogs have wonderful, soft, coats  too. Can't wait to see another bunch of puppies from Laurel and Burl!

*litter reserved until pups arrive

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