Daybreak English Setters
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Upcoming Litters....


We take a limited number of deposits per litter for male and female puppies.  In the event that more pups are available, a waiting list has been established.     There are OFTEN changes made on the reserve list,  so it is well worth the chance to be placed on the waiting list if you would like a puppy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Please contact us if you are interested in reserving a puppy, or being added to our waiting list for our spring litters. 

 All puppies are $950.00 

***Puppies are reserved by order of deposits received, after breeder pick.

***As breeders, we must refresh our breeding stock from time to time,therefore we reserve the right to keep a puppy from any litter toward that end.
Litters Planned for Spring 2018
Timber Rose and Burl
 Litter should arrive early May!
Two beautiful, sweet dogs!  We are expecting an amazing mix of color from this pair.
 This will be a first time breeding for Timber and Burl, so we are anxious to see what they produce together.  I could not ask for better temperaments and personality than these two!  Timber has got one of the strongest hunting instincts of all of our dogs. She was an outstanding, natural mother with her first litter. 
**this litter is reserved until pups arrive
*We do not offer stud service*
Judy and Burl
Litter expected mid to late March
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Litter planned for June 
Lettie and Burl
Burl will be a busy boy this year! Lettie is a favorite here, and has wonderful puppies. This will be her first litter with Burl, and we are expecting lots of orange, lemon, or chestnut in this litter. 

Puppies are planned for a June whelp. Very limited spots available.
**litter is reserved

This is a greatly anticipated pairing! Incredible instinct, wonderful companion dogs. We expect a variety of color in these puppies. This will be Burl's second litter, so we are excited to see what he will produce with a tricolor mate.

Because of the likelihood of a smaller litter, we have a very limited reserve list for this litter. However, waiting list spots are available. We may be surprised!
*Pups are $950
Leah and Burl
Litter Planned for June/July
This is a repeat breeding. Leah's first litter with Burl was so outstanding, I had to peel my fingers off of these puppies to let them go.  We are expecting another beautiful litter from these two.
Lemon, orange, and possibly chestnut will be produced. We are taking limited deposits. 
      pups   $950
Litter is reserved.
Leah/Burl puppy
Litter is reserved until pups arrive
Pups are $950