Daybreak English Setters
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Recommended Reading and Helpful Links
We recommend any of the books written by the late George bird Evans.  He was the founder of the Old Hemlock English setter, and was an avid hunter, writer, artist, and lover of setters.  His books are out of print, but can be easily found at 
Mr Evan's books are a great read even if you are not a hunter. He has wonderful insight into the mind of these beautiful dogs.

George Bird Evans
History of the Ryman Setter
Obedience Training
This booklet is inexpensive, and written by a veterinarian.  Great method, easy to follow.  We have had a lot of success using the plan in this book.  Purchase at Amazon.
If you live in the Alpharetta area of North Georgia, please check out Jothor dog Academy for your obedience needs.  Joan Lask is a gifted trainer/teacher, and good friend.  she loves dogs, and wants to help people successfully train their dogs.  Joan offers classed in all levels of obedience, as well as day school for your dogs, and vocational training if you would like to be an instructor.    
Over the years we have trained 10 dogs with Joan Lask, and have always been pleased with the results.

This foundation contains and strives to preserve the legacy of George and Kay Evans on their 230 acre West Virginia property known as Old Hemlock.   Mr Evans wrote prolifically about upland hunting and the English Setter breed.  Further, he established his own line of "Old Hemlock" Setters
The Real Ryman Setter : a History

Exhaustive and well written history of Ryman Setters with input from people who were contemporaries of the famous (infamous?) Mr. George Ryman.  Very interesting read.
Huntsmith Training
A versatile, effective field dog training system.  Rick and Ronnie Smith,  son and nephew of Delmar Smith, have refined and improved upon his methods.   A GREAT bunch to work with, their seminars are friendly, fun and informative.  Highly Recommended.
Joan Lask
Starkville, MS.   All things gun dog!  Excellent products and advice, stellar customer service.  If they don't have it, you don't need it! Owner Steve Snell hunts, trains, sponsors an annual Huntsmith foundation seminar, and WILL talk to you!    Great company. 
Lots of great articles and information about hunting and field trials.  This is the registry of choice for hunting dogs.