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About Us
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  ​Thank you for visiting Daybreak English Setters.  We are a small family operated kennel located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta Georgia, where we raise English Setters that we trust will become the hunting and/or companion dogs sought for those looking to own one of these wonderful dogs. 

  We take pride in our line of Ryman/Old Hemlock style setters.   Known for their innate hunting instincts, high intelligence, and tendency to hunt close, they make ideal dogs for foot hunters of upland game. We currently have 5 setters in our family, 3 females and 2 males.   They are both our breeding stock and our family pets.  

  Good breeding, good health ,and proper socialization are the foundations we provide for our pups. I (Jim), and my wife Gia, along with our 10 children see that the puppies get all the care and attention they need while with us. The pups are whelped in our house, and raised in the home with time spent outside in surrounding pens close to the house to maintain close contact with our family. As such, they have "never met a person they didn't like"!   

  I am a veterinarian with 33 years of practice experience, and as such I pay close attention to the health and nutritional needs of our dogs. We use only the highest quality vaccines and broad spectrum de-wormers, as well as high quality foods, for our dogs and pups. The adults are currently maintained on Taste of the Wild, which is a salmon or bison based grain-free food. We try to avoid ingredients, such as wheat, corn, and soy, which can lead to allergies. The pups get a puppy version of the same food.                                                                
   At our kennel, we strive for a very classic setter confirmation, with low set ears and moderate feathering. Our dogs are currently producing Orange, Lemon, Blue, and Tri-color Belton, with the genetics present in all 5 dogs for Chestnut. We are also seeing the same color patterns with eye patches. You will not be disappointed in the look of your Daybreak Setter! Thank you again, for visiting our site.                                                                                                                 
      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact Us
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